​Bally and Ese were the first to be asked by Biggie to walk out of the House, leaving behind absolutely shellshocked Housemates.

“It’s a lie, it’s a lie” uttered Uriel as she walked towards embracing the exiting Ese and Bally.

“It’s a lie, it’s a lie” reiterated Bisola followed by others like a mantra against the unexpected turn of events. The sky had fallen down onto the Housemates yet nothing could prepare them for Biggie’s next trick: Bisola and Jon’s departure. Unlike the first exit, Bisola and Jon’s had stirred much fewer emotions among Housemates who did not seem to make a case out of it – theirs felt more like a rushed routine.

However real wahala emerged once the Four Evictees were in the Arena: Bisola was heard cursing out loud upon hearing Ese ordered to make her final exit. An overwhelmed Bally was struggling to keep a composed body.

When Jon and Ese appeared on the Big Brother stage, they were warmly greeted and thanked by Host Ebuka for their impeccable performances that had caused faultless clashes among Housemates. Fondly reminiscing about their time in the House, Ese and Jon seemed delighted to have accomplished their mission.

Back in the Arena, Bisola and Bally – who both have both have won immunity privileges – seemed to have regained a sense of calm following Biggie’s announcement that they had won an exclusive Paradise Holiday and wouldn’t be returning to the House – for now.

Biggie’s twist is Turned

The Housemates were left in shock as it wasn’t revealed to them that these were Fake Evictions. As far as they are concerned, they have lost four Housemates in one foul swoop of Biggie’s brutal hand.

Biggie had banished Bisola and Bally to the Arena and kept them in the dark as Biggie’s Ninjas were summoned to take them away from the Arena before the bewildered Housemates were sent in. They didn’t find their two fellow Housemates in the Arena, what they did find was a table with 30 envelopes on them and Ebuka informed them that “This game is replacing the Live Nominations Show” and they were told to choose wisely.

Bassey began by choosing an envelope and it soon became clear as it showed that he and one by one, all eight remaining Housemates were up for Nomination. This meant that they were now all up for Eviction.

Ebuka then explained that because there would be no Live Nominations Show tomorrow night, there would be instead, a Head of House Task. Ebuka said that the winner would gain immunity from Nominations. Ebuka added that the Head of House would not be able to exercise the “Save and Replace” power this week.



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