• She apologizes to Banky W and Falz supporters 

    Good evening everyone…first of all i was misunderstood when I said I don’t knowBanky, actually what I meant was, “I’ve never met him in person”.. 

    Banky is an amazing singer no doubt. And right now i want to use this platform to apologize for all the wrong words I said about him. It’s just a game,we say/do things for specificreasons + i was emotional unstable cos i was up for possible eviction. 

    So to all banky fans and everyone plz forgive me, Banky I love ur music and you are a talented cute guy! #blessed 

    And concerning FALZ,i know the song called “soft work” but believe me i had no idea it was FALZ that sang it and also i haven’t met him before..that was why i had to ask “who is he”..#humblefalz 


    To everyone out there,i just want to refresh your mindset again that the BIG BROTHER SHOW is always a game that has just one winner and whatever actions u have seen in the house is for a reason so please i beg you all don’t judge by what you have seen or heard….. 

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